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I'm learning 200% faster

We all can use faster learning methods. Here are 5 ways I learned 200% faster in the past year.
I'm learning 200% faster
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👋 Hello friends,

It's ironic that my last email talked about "just press publish", and then I disappeared for 8 months. SMH.

Yes, that happened, and I'm reviving this newsletter - in a more seamless way. I am writing threads more lately, and sometimes that's limiting. These posts will be an extension of those contents; expect longer (yet concise) information here.

Alright, on to the content.

Learning 200% faster

We all can use faster learning methods. And ways to make the knowledge stick.

1️⃣ Youtube at 1.75x or 2x

YouTube is a treasure trove of knowledge.

However, some videos are slow. And here's where video speed comes in. A 10 mins video could be finished in 5 mins with 2x. What a time saver! ⏰

Just don't use it on Ali Abdaal. He talks really fast. lol

2️⃣ AI summaries

AI has taken the internet by storm. The very epitome of "slowly then suddenly".

There are many AI tools out there, but I stick with the OG, ChatGPT. Coupled with plugins, ChatGPT is perfect for learning.

Here are some of my favourite plugins:

  1. Glasp's Youtube Summary
    After installing this plugin, you'll see the ChatGPT logo on your YouTube page. Clicking that will bring you directly to the ChatGPT site and inputs the transcription automatically.
    Et voila! Your Youtube video is now summarised for you to read.
  2. WebChatGPT
    ChatGPT with internet access. You might know that ChatGPT has a knowledge limit up to 2021. This plugin unleashes the full potential of this AI tool!

⚠️ Just be careful with plugins. With the rise of AI popularity, many bad actors use plugins for phishing information. Stay safe!

3️⃣ Book summaries

I use apps like Blinkist in my commutes.

Blinkist summarises books AND reads you the summary in 15 mins. Perfect for daily commutes.

Also, imagine reading 7 books in 7 days 🤯

4️⃣ Obsidian

Once I learn something, I'll write it down somewhere.

Obsidian is the best note-taking app I've ever used. Although it has a learning curve, you won't need any other app once you get the hang of it.

My favourite features are note metadata and note-linking.

  • With metadata, you can sort and find your notes easily.
  • And with note-linking, it's easy to connect the information that you wrote.

Another great aspect of Obsidian is the community. They are so passionate and collectively have created SO many community plugins. There's always a plugin that solves your problem.

And it's free!

5️⃣ Sharing

Sharing is the ultimate step in ingraining knowledge into my mind. I can only share what I truly understand to be effective.

Sharing goes beyond social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and blog posts. You can also share with your loved ones, colleagues, or anyone else.

Until you can share the knowledge smoothly, I'd say you haven't fully understood the topic.

In summary:

1️⃣ YouTube at 1.75x or 2x
2️⃣ AI summaries
3️⃣ Book summaries
4️⃣ Obsidian
5️⃣ Sharing

Here's wishing we are all able to learn effectively.

That's all.

You take care now. Hope to see you in the next one. 👋