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Running around

Being out and about, playtesting Gran Saga Unlimited and this week's banger tweet.
Running around
Photo by Isaac Wendland / Unsplash

This past week has been hectic. I spent a lot of time going outside instead of sitting in front of my workstation.

But, it's worth it.

🎮 Gran Saga Unlimited Playtesting

My god, if this isn't one of the best web3 game playtest.

I went out to get a new graphics card just for this game. An upgrade from GTX 1060 6GB was severely needed. That was the recommended card for this game to run.

I wouldn't be able to stream if I didn't upgrade.

What do I think about this game?

It exceeded my expectations as a web3 game. I was expecting an unpolished game with contents lacking, but was greeted with a game packed with contents and smooth game.

Sure, there are many kinks that can be iron out in the public release. If they can release a decent game in playtest stage, I am putting a big hope on this game to do well on its full release.

I stream on putra.cc/twitch. Come hang!

⚡️ Banger Tweets

Here are some of my best tweets this week:

👋 Have a good one!