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Weekly Output

Hi friends,

I was told by Ali Abdaal that newsletters are the way to go to grow in the content-creating space. So, I am starting one now and you're the very first ones on this journey. We're starting with a grand total of 5 of you lovely subscribers! Well, 4 if you take me off the list. lol

My newsletter is called Weekly Output because I wanted to play with my name, Putra. And also, it's a platform to share, hence "Output".

✍️ Writing vs. 📹 Making Videos

I used to be active streaming games on twitch and had tried to push contents through YouTube. While streaming was great, YouTube was pretty okay for me. As a content creator, I understood that I needed a place where my content sticks. For a streamer, the commonplace to do so was YouTube, where my contents are accessible even when I'm asleep.

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