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I've grown TIRED of playing video games.

I've grown TIRED of playing video games.
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

I've grown TIRED of playing video games.

Partly because of the expectations I've built from playing any games:
• Gotta make content out of it
• Gotta stream
• Gotta make a review
• Gotta edit a video and post it to YouTube

Before long, even the thought of playing any games makes me squirm.


However, yesterday I was reminded of why I loved gaming.

I played with a group of old friends that had no expectations other than:

Enjoying the game and the presence of each other.


Some of the conversations that happened offline:

(We played Remnant 2)

Me: Does this game have any saving options? Like CTRL+S or something
A: CTRL+S? 🫨 I'm not even gonna answer that 😆
Everyone: BUAHAHAH

A: Is it HARAM to pet this dog in the game?
B: What?
Me: Hmm, it's digital. I guess it's not.
Me: ...
Me: Wait a minute, touching a dog IRL is not even haram. LOL
Everyone: HAHAHA


Something I learnt earlier that I seem to have forgotten:

People play games for different reasons. There is no right or wrong.
• Some are highly competitive
• Some want to be immersed in stories
• Some use games as a medium to socialise and talk to friends
• Some enjoy making content

You may have different reasons to play games. If you do, let me know.

Bottomline is we know what makes us truly happy playing games.


May we enjoy our games,

Have a good day! 🎩