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Find your content voice

How to find your brand and identity using the Creator Quadrant

It's hard to build a brand and identity in this space.

But don't fret, I found a way for anyone to find their voice.



As creators, there are 2 important factors you need to consider when you create content:

Value & Presentation

Now let's put these on X and Y axes on a graph:

X-axis: Content value – You can either deliver entertainment or knowledge.
Y-axis: Creator presentation – You can either be energetic or calm.

The creator quadrant

Once we labelled the axes, we'll see 4 quadrants:

  • Energetic Knowledgable
  • Energetic Entertaining
  • Calm Entertaining
  • Calm Knowledgable

Everyone will fit in this quadrant somewhere.

Experimenting and understanding where you sit within the quadrants is vital.

This will drive the contents you plan forward as well as the audience you are catering to.

Imagine Mr Beast doing a tech review in a calm manner. The audience, the content and the presentation may not work.


I found that video is the best medium to showcase the Creator Quadrant. Let's use YouTubers as examples:

Creator quadrant with YouTubers as examples
Creator quadrant with YouTubers as examples


But don't worry, as this quadrant works on all content mediums, be it:

  • Streaming
  • Videos (YouTube/TikTok)
  • Podcasts
  • Writing

While certain mediums naturally fall into specific quadrants, for example:

  • Top streamers tend to be energetic and entertaining.
  • Writers will seem naturally calm and knowledgeable.

That doesn't mean that the opposite of the above examples doesn't work. Instead, you may see it as a market gap — an opportunity to fill the niche.


TRY THIS: Place yourself and your favourite creators in the quadrants and comment below.

There is no right or wrong scenario. The best thing to happen to creators is for us to find our voice. When you're starting out, try all the different combinations. You may never know which quadrant fits you the most.

Top creators magnify their personalities with their natural aptitude to deliver the best value for their audiences.

I wish you the same.

May we find our voice and fulfil our dreams.

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